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Fill out the GET COMPED! form and you can be on your way to a world of travel

We can help you MAXIMIZE your past play and your existing casino offers to sail on most major cruise lines or visit over 150 Casino Resorts!

Welcome to the official website of the
Casino Players Club!
Home to those who love to gamble in casino resorts or on cruise ships .

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Hours we work

Monday - Friday 9:00am- 5:30pm



Contact Us

Tel. 1-833-692-6677






What does CPC do?

We partner with over 150 land-based casinos and most major cruise lines who want to reward our members for their past gambling. We help maximize offers that you already have to get you comped on future trips at new casinos and new cruise ships that you want to try!

Put yourself in position for comped travel by filling out the GET COMPED form!


    How do I get casino comps?

Sign up for a players card at the casino where you plan to gamble. Make sure to give the dealer your player card or insert it into the slot machine you want to play.

Next, play!

It is a common misbelief that you need to spend a lot of money at a casino to get comp offers. The truth is that casinos don't care if you win or lose because, in the long run, they win. So, you can win a jackpot at a resort and get comps. You can come home from a great cruise a winner and get comps. The key is the time you spend playing. It's really that simple.
Time Playing = Comps!
Want better comps? Increase your time playing and your average bet.

How can CPC help me?

We are the muscle in your corner. You have past play at certain casino resorts or cruise lines but want more. We help open a world of travel up for you! For example, if you have offers from a particular cruise line but you really want to try a different cruise line, we can help make that happen. Have offers from casino resorts but want to try a cruise? Great, we work with most major cruise lines! Have cruise line offers but want a trip to Vegas? We work with over 150 casino resorts!
CPC is unlike casino agents that offer trips that you may or may not qualify for and dates that may or may not work for you. Instead, YOU tell us what type of vacation you want and when you would like to go. 

Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work.
Our job is to get you the vacation you want!

Does everyone get a comped trip?

Unfortunately, no. Your past play at casinos will allow us to work hard and try to get you a comped trip but not everyone will qualify. Other factors go into comps such as the dates of travel, the specific resort or cruise ship, and the casino room capacity at the resort or on the cruise ship. 
If we cannot get your trip comped, we can get you deep discounts on the land-based casino room or cruise cabin you want!

What are CPC Events?

CPC Events are very special. These events bring CPC members together, from all over, for an unforgettable vacation experience. Our events are either at casino resorts or onboard cruise ships and all of them have extras that a typical trip would not include. While each event is different, some extras include CPC cocktail parties, CPC private slot tournaments, CPC Dinners, CPC Giveaways and more!
Check our website, App, Facebook Page and Facebook Group for updates on all the upcoming CPC Events and to see if you qualify for a comp to join us!

ADT (Average Daily Theo) CALCULATOR
How to use this calculator: Enter the average hours you play each day, your average bet, and then the game yo
u like to play. The calculator will determine your ADT. 
Casinos use ADT to determine the amount they might be willing to comp a player. You can use this calculator to help determine what you might qualify for. A comped  $2000 balcony cabin, on a 7-night cruise, may not be a reasonable expectation if your ADT is only $100 a day or
 ($700 for the cruise).
(For Personal and Informational Use ONLY)

Upcoming Events

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